Wednesday, December 08, 2004

American Exchange Fair

So, the first meeting got underway today. The process starts here.

We registered (not sure why), picked up the handbook for the whole thing – ‘American Exchange Student Handbook 2005/06’. It’s full of very confusing and complicated stuff which I’m sure I’ll look very hard at over the coming weeks. Rather marvellously, there weren’t that many people there. Thirty people, tops. Which bodes well for my chances of getting a place.

Let’s see here. What did I learn that was important? Err, it’s going to cost me about as much as I thought. I need a new passport as mine expires next year (totally applied for a replacement online already). Going to Wisconsin isn’t definite for me, though it’s very likely. Which is nice. I need to fill in a form to hand in by the 21st of January, complete with 300 word statement of why I’ll ‘make a good ambassador for the College and how you would benefit from the exchange, both academically and personally’. Not a problem – I’ll knock something suitably awesome off over Christmas. I’m getting on this exchange, no matter what.

At some point, I need to work out what modules I need to take when I’m in Eau Claire. All the information’s on the website, so I’ll look into that. I want a good spread of stuff that I’ll enjoy, and that won’t be too taxing for me. Also, applying for a Visa is a long, drawn out and expensive process. I have to go to the American Embassy in London and everything. A lot of administration needs to be done, but I’ll get on top of it.

Next stage: writing my statement. I’ll post drafts on here as and when I do them. Any comments gratefully received.