Sunday, December 26, 2004

Personal Statement, Version 1.0

Right. So here's my first shot. Any ideas, comments, or merely pointing out grammatical errors appreciated.
Learning is not a one-way experience. Merely attending lectures and seminars is not enough; it is the personal development and individual learning that gives value to a University degree. Spending a semester in America would be a unique opportunity to expand my horizons, to learn in a new environment, and to experience first-hand the issues discussed in my American Studies course.

By living in America for four months, I would become a part very same American culture that I have been studying in my first year at University College Winchester. Aside from the unequalled opportunity to become immersed in this culture by studying at an American university, on return to England the experience would stay with me. Having never visited America, a semester in America would aid my studies of the country invaluably. Ideally, I would prefer to go to University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, because of the Native American history of the state, and the beauty of the countryside.

In preparation for the experience of applying for the exchange, I have created an online journal (published at where I am currently detailing the process of applying. Should I be successful in applying for the exchange, I will update this journal on a regular basis to chronicle my experiences in America, and discuss my opinions with readers. I am aware of the cost of the exchange, and already have £1,000 saved in preparation. I have discussed the exchange with my employer, and will be able to take a break from work for the duration of the exchange.

Gaining a place on the American Exchange would not only benefit me both academically and personally, but would facilitate the exchange of British and American culture. Through this, I would make an excellent ambassador for University College Winchester in all my actions.
In other news, I really need to get some passport photos done. Someone remind me to do that before the year is out.