Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Joy of Stats

I get the feeling that until I get confirmation that I have/haven't got an interview for the Exchange, this blog will be filled with a number of marginally diverting but ultimately unrelated posts. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. That's a pretty tall order, mind you.

So, the first of these concerns site statistics. On setting up this blog in its new guise, I noticed that Natali had a neat little counter at the bottom of her blog. So, like the thieving cad I am, I went and got one myself. And I must say, StatCounter do a pretty good job.

Onto the stats. It seems that most of my visitors are coming from my LiveJournal, or from Echoing the Sound, a message board I frequent. What's somewhat more disturbing is that I've had 326 hits, of which 194 are unique visits. Holy crap.

And this is before today, when I went around submitting my site to Google, adding my site to directories, and adding many a meta tag. And why, you ask? So I can type in 'Mark Does America' on Google and have it come up as the first result. That would be awesome.

But the thing that made my day? That fact that someone, somewhere in the world, found my site by searching on MSN for - and I quote - "how america got it's name?"

So, for that lone searcher, the answer is here.