Sunday, January 02, 2005

Personal Statement, Version 1.1

So, i've had another crack at it. And managed to get the word count down from about 300 to 260, which is no bad thing, seeing as I have to hand-write this onto the application form itself rather than giving a typed version. I've changed bits, re-ordered etc.

Learning is not a one-way experience. Merely attending lectures and seminars is not enough; it is the personal development and individual learning that gives value to a University degree. Spending a semester in America would be a unique opportunity to expand my horizons, to learn in a new environment, and to experience first-hand the issues discussed in my American Studies course.

Ideally, I would prefer to go to University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, because of my interest in Native American history, as well as the beauty of the countryside. I am aware of the cost of the exchange, and already have £1000 saved in preparation. I have discussed the exchange with my employer and I will be able to take a break from work for the duration of the exchange, as well as working overtime to earn money for the exchange.

Should I be successful in applying for the exchange, I will keep an extensive diary detailing not just college life, but my American experience in general. It will also include photographs and an extensive bibliography, and will serve as a record of my time spent in America.

By living in America for four months, I would become fully immersed in a culture that I have observed and been fascinated by all my life. Having never visited America previously, a semester in America would aid my studies of the country immeasurably. Aside from the unequalled opportunity of studying at an American university, on return to England the experience would stay with me, and would aid me as my degree progresses.
Many thanks to those who gave comments on the first version. I think this one is pretty much definitive - it should be good enough to secure me an interview. As always, all comments appreciated.