Thursday, February 24, 2005

Interview InterReview

Firstly, I must apologise for the terrible wordplay above.

Secondly, the interview went really well! I was charming, I was eloquent, I was on form. Every question they asked me (and they even asked some taxing ones about module units that you'd only know if you had read the booklet back to front like I did), I was able to give a good answer to. The only stumbling block was they wanted to know how I'd cope abroad, as I was living at home and this would be my first time living independently. But I think I gave a pretty good answer. Can't remember what it was for the life of me now, but I would if I had messed it up.

Should find out tomorrow if I've got on - there'll be a letter in my pigeon hole, again. I'll keep you posted. This is all very exciting.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Interview In T-Minus 44 Minutes

And guess what? I totally forgot to bring all my stuff with me.

This isn't a major problem, as I don’t need any of it for the interview. However, I was going to look through it all at lunch (which I’ve just got back from; read Fight Club instead) just to make sure I knew what I was doing. So it’s thrown me. Had to text my sister to double check the slip that said when the interview was, because though I know it was today at 2:00PM, I tend to think I’ve got it wrong if I can’t double check. Welcome to the anxious thing that is my mind.

So fifteen minutes. That’s all. I can handle that – hell, I’ll charm the pants off them. I think, if we run by the schedule in the hand book, I should find out by the end of the week if I’ve been accepted. It’ll probably be delayed to next week though. But I can wait.

Stand by for all the gory details later.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Really Doing America

The worry of the interview lays heavy on my mind. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I’ll still worry. I do that. So, in between looking for books about hypnotism on Amazon, I thought I’d update the ol’ blog.

I was thinking about what I could do before I go to school in America. At the Exchange Fair, right at the beginning, there was a girl who said she had gone around America, travelling across the country and taking in all the sites, before and after school. I was thinking I could do something similar. If all my plans come together and I can do a ton of overtime, money should be a huge problem, especially considering how strong the pound is against the dollar at the moment. So, I had a look on a flight checking website. If I wanted to spend a week travelling the country, I could go London-New York City, New York City-Washington D.C., Washington D.C.-Chicago, and Chicago to Eau Claire for £589.10. That’s pretty amazing, considering a plain return flight to Eau Claire costs about that. So that’s definitely a possibility. What would be even more awesome would be if I could get a couple of other people going to Eau Claire to come with me, rather than going alone. And on the way back, I could do the West Coast – Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, wherever. Anything is possible!

It’s definitely something to look into.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I Got An Interview!

Phew. That was anxiety filled lecture. I wasn’t really paying attention to what was being said – I was worrying about whether a letter with my name was being slipped into my pigeonhole, and the contents thereof.

So I pick up the letter, do a little dance around the Cultural School foyer, and feel very happy indeed. I got myself an interview, y'all! One less thing to worry about now, I guess. Very official looking it was too.

I then scampered up to Registry to book an interview slot. The slots offered were Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday afternoon. I went for Wednesday afternoon. I figured the interview panel (it's three people - gulp) would be fresh at the beginning of a day rather than at the middle or the end. Also, Tuesday is my day off, and as I go in every other day, I don't particularly want to go to Uni when I don't have to.

So, 14:00 on Wednesday 23rd of February. I'm pretty good with interviews - I'm a good talker. And it's fifteen minutes long, which I can fill easily. I've done all my research, and I practically know the booklet inside out by now. Still, I'll prepare some more. No notes or anything like that, but if I have it all sorted in my head for any possible questions they might throw at me, that'll help.

Application done, interview gained. Two down, one to go.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Anticipation Is Killing Me.

And once again, news comes in an email. Hooray for technology!

Dear All

Many thanks for your application for the 2005/06 American Exchange programme. We have now assessed each of the applications and you should expect a letter in your student pigeon hole from tomorrow after 11:00am confirming if you have been offered an interview or not.

This is going to be anarchy. 90% of the people that will be applying for this exchange are in the School of Cultural Studies at my university. So god knows how many people will be converging on 26 very small trays to find out if they have a letter. Quite why they're reverted to paper for this I don't know - it would be considerably easier to send out an email to each applicant at 11:00. Maybe they're having fun increasing the tension. Well, we'll see.

I have a lecture in the 9-12 slot tomorrow, but it should end at about 11. If I'm lucky. I can't believe I'm getting this worked up over an interview confirmation, for goodness sake. They're dragging this whole thing out too long for my liking.

You all saw my personal statement, right? I thought it was good, and I'm known to over-analyse stuff like this way too much. Still, I'm very anxious about this. I'll let you know what happens, as always.