Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Interview In T-Minus 44 Minutes

And guess what? I totally forgot to bring all my stuff with me.

This isn't a major problem, as I don’t need any of it for the interview. However, I was going to look through it all at lunch (which I’ve just got back from; read Fight Club instead) just to make sure I knew what I was doing. So it’s thrown me. Had to text my sister to double check the slip that said when the interview was, because though I know it was today at 2:00PM, I tend to think I’ve got it wrong if I can’t double check. Welcome to the anxious thing that is my mind.

So fifteen minutes. That’s all. I can handle that – hell, I’ll charm the pants off them. I think, if we run by the schedule in the hand book, I should find out by the end of the week if I’ve been accepted. It’ll probably be delayed to next week though. But I can wait.

Stand by for all the gory details later.