Monday, March 14, 2005

Recent Events

Stuff has been going on. I really should have updated, but I was so busy filling in those forms. I'll try to make this brief!

Last week, I had to pick my courses, fill in forms, get $100 in a money order, etc etc. It's all done. Why they need everything quite so early, I wouldn't like to guess. I've given them everything they've asked for, and then some, so that's all good.

On Saturday, I went to buy my flight! Yes, I realise this is also very early to be buying plane tickets, but the flight was so cheap I couldn't say no. £252 after all the taxes and the student card I needed to buy, one way to Minneapolis. Which is a mighty nice bargain, I must say. And the best thing? I get to go to Iceland. London-Reykjavik, Reykjavik-Minneapolis. Admittedly, I'm only going to be there for an hour and a half, but still. That's a nice story to tell at parties.

And now, it all goes a bit quiet. I can’t apply for my visa until I get an I-20 form from Eau Claire. So we now play the waiting game, again. It seems this experience is made up of long periods of waiting, then mad flurries of action. It’s interesting.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Deadline The First

So, I have to pick my courses, fill in a bunch of forms, and hand it all in on Friday.

I can do that. I think.

Of course, this isn't to mention the fact that I also have to get travel insurance for my stay in America by Friday as well. Now, this wouldn't be a huge deal, but I don’t actually know when I’m flying out. So, I figured, let’s stay on the safe side and get 01 Aug 2005-31 Dec 2005. Then I’ll be covered whatever I choose to do. Because you just know something will happen if I fly out without insurance for that date. I went for as comprehensive cover as I could get, as well. I don’t want to be hit with $25,000 worth of medical bills, as happened to my friend Ben when he was hit with a surprise appendectomy in LA last year – his insurance only covered the first $900 dollars. “Do you want to pay by card or cheque, Sir?” No, I could do without that. So hopefully that’s £163.74 well spent. I’m bound to fall in Lake Michigan or something while I’m there.

The marvellous people at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire also want a $100 deposit, which I’ll get back when I arrive. No big problem, except it has to be in the form of an International Money Order, which costs me £10 from my bank. And it has to come by post. I hope it turns up soon. The exchange rate is so awesome at the moment that $100 = £52. I couldn’t ask for a better rate. Let’s hope it stays that way, so my money goes a lot further over there.

I have an appointment with the person in charge of this tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll clear up any problems I still have. I’ll let you know what courses I’ve chosen in due course – I haven’t got a clue at the moment. The modules I choose over there have to be “relevant to your degree course at Winchester”. Well, I do American Studies. Does that make everything relevant?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I Got On, I Am In, I Am Coming To America

I have been accepted for the American Exchange. I am extremely happy right now, as you can imagine.

If we're being honest here, I always thought I would get on, considering how the interview and my application went. But there’s always that nagging doubt I have in the back of my head - what if my application got lost? What if I made some really inappropriate statement in the interview that I completely forgot about? But no, I have it in writing. I’m going to America – more specifically, Wisconsin. And I can’t wait.

So here it really gets rolling. Up until now, it’s been up in the air. Now it’s happening. I have to go pick up and information pack from about 12:00 onwards, which I shall enjoy going through with a fine toothcomb. There’s a timetable as to how it all works, but that’s at home, and I’m too excited to remember what happens when, how and where. It’s going to be fun finding out, though.

I repeat - I am coming to America. The prophecy of this blog shall be fulfilled. It’s going to be fun finding out how.