Friday, April 29, 2005

It Never Rains...

Just got a pack from UWEC.

I-20 forms.

Visa forms.

Residence Hall forms.

Meal plan forms.

After a month of nothing, I am officially snowed under. And I've got a week to get all this sorted. No pressure... First thing to do - pay a SEVIS fee of $100. They seem to like $100 payments in the US, for some reason. I suppose I would too, if I was given the option.

I'll do a proper update when I'm not IMMERSED IN A SEA OF FORMS.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

All Quiet On The Midwestern Front

I’ll let you revel in the wittiness of that title for a second. Okay, that’s probably too much.

The reason I haven’t updated since… however long ago it was, is because nothing much has happened. I handed in all my forms, went off on my Easter break, and… nothing. I can’t apply for my visa until I get the forms back from UWEC (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire), so that pretty much means I have nothing to do except twiddle my thumbs.

Until last night! When I received an email from UWEC, about the Host Family/Friend Program. For a few days before I start school in America, I can go and stay with a family to get acclimatised to America. Here’s the form I had to fill in. For ‘special interests, hobbies’ and ‘talents you’d like to share’ I put down my musical leanings. I also requested a large family, if possible. I think it would be fascinating – or mildly diverting, at the least – to stay with a large American family, see how they interact. Probably not a lot different from my own, family, I imagine. But, it’s something I think I’ll enjoy taking part in.

And now? You guessed it. Back to the waiting. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I promise you, I’ll update this every day when I’m in America to make up for the chronic lack of updates.