Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Somebody Ring The Alarm, A Fire In The Room

It was all going swimmingly well. Interview booked, forms filled, sorted. That is, until I find out that one of my end-of-year exams is on the very same day… that I had booked my visa interview. Seriously, that’s stupidly coincidental. To make things worse, I found this out on Monday, but wasn’t able to do anything about it until today because I was away, and all the forms were at home.

So I ring them up today (at £1.30 a freakin’ minute), press the buttons to get through the menus, until I hear this:

“I’m sorry we cannot answer your call at present, but the Embassy has been evacuated because of a security alert.”

I’m not sure whether I was more disturbed at the fact that there was a security alert, or because they have a special message for that. I guess it must happen a lot. Anyway, I called back later, and got through to yet another Scottish woman, who was able to book me another interview on the 20th of June, after I get back from holiday. Which is plenty of time, seeing as I don’t set sail (metaphorically speaking) until the 26th of August. It takes about five days for it to come through, so I’m set. Which reminds me – I have to nip along to Barclays at some point and pay the £60 visa charge. Evidently, they want to make sure only people with money (or disposable student loans) get into their country.