Monday, June 27, 2005

Done And Done

I am now in possession of a US visa. The final stage is complete.

I’m coming to America!

Following my friend Celia’s instructions (who had been there a few weeks previous), I was able to find the US Embassy in London without too much hassle, despite both of my trains being delayed. So that was a little panicky. But no, I made it in time to stand in a queue outside the Embassy itself for about half an hour. Rather inappropriately, ‘American Idiot’ by Green Day came on the radio I was listening to, just before I headed in to get my bag x-rayed. I’m still not sure whether that was good or bad omen, but it made me laugh anyway.

Once inside, I took a number and sat down for about half an hour again, until my number was called. I then went to a window, thrust all my forms at the man, and was fingerprinted. With that much excitement, I needed a breather, which was just as well considering that I had to wait two more hours for the second part of the interview. After that eternity of trying and failing to understand the Su Doku puzzle in the paper, I presented myself at another window, where I was told everything was fine and my visa was sorted.


Despite the waiting, it was all very organised, and sorted relatively quickly. Some people with more complex applications were there all day, I think. And it was a lovely day in London as well.

So that’s that. Now, I just have to think about getting to Eau Claire. I’m going to book my place on the shuttle from Minneapolis in a minute, and email my host family when I’ll be arriving.