Friday, June 10, 2005

A Sudden Sense Of Enormity

That's right. I'm going to America in but a few short months. So what's been happening since my last post?

Not a lot, really. Forms are all in, I've had my final meetings with the people at Winchester, and that's it from then. It's all on me from now on. There was a professor from Wisconsin at my university, so I met her and discussed things I'd been thinking about - campus life, how close it is to major cities, transport and so forth. Which put my mind even more at ease. I also found out who my host family are going to be! I’ll be staying with them for a few days in Eau Claire before I start school, so it was nice to find out who they were. Mark & Elizabeth are a doctor and a nurse, with two dogs and no kids. Rather marvellously, they’re vegetarian. I’m going to try and eat as vegetarian as I can in America in a desperate bid to stay healthy. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of red meat.

Other than that little lot, it’s all about the visa interview. I’ve nearly got everything together – just have to get some photos for the visa itself, which are a very odd shape. 2” x 2” doesn’t seem quite normal to me, but apparently that’s the standard size for American passport photos, so that would make sense. My interview is on Monday the 20th at 11.00AM. I am prepared for a lengthy wait, but it should all go according to plan. I’ll keep you informed of the events. I'm sure they'll be scintillating!