Friday, August 19, 2005

This Time Next Week

…I’ll be on my way to America. The enormity of this has not quite sunk in yet, you’ll all be pleased to hear.

As such, this week has entailed me running up and down the length and breadth of this country to say hello and goodbye to a good number of my friends who I won’t see until my return, quite possibly until the New Year. I realise it’s not actually a great deal of time, but I feel the distance and six hour time difference will play a large part in my feeling disconnected. I don’t doubt that at several points, I will feel very homesick. However, I’m always going to have in mine just what a fantastic opportunity this is for me, and I’m going to damn well get the best out of it.

As for preparations, I have to buy a suitcase. That’s fairly urgent. All my papers are in order, but I need to get some American currency to last me until I can find an ATM, or whatever else I need to do. I’m hoping pretty much everywhere will accept Visa, really. Right now, it’s a case of tying up loose ends, and making sure I don’t forget anything. Which I will.

I’ve already forgotten what I was going to post here. Hmm.