Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Great Postcard Caper of 2005

I need help from all of you. As you can imagine, my dorm room is looking more than a little bare. Right above my head, however, there is a pinboard just waiting to have things stuck on it. What sort of things, you ask?


And thus begins The Great Postcard Caper of 2005!

If you can spare the change for a postcard of your town - the lamer the better - or of anything at all, please send me a postcard to stick on my wall! I need your help to decorate my room. In return, I will either send you a postcard from sunny and beautiful Eau Claire, or something else that I haven't quite decided on yet. On top of this, you will receive my eternal gratitude and hugs. I will post a picture of the finished pinboard when I've got all the postcards, and I'll update as to the progress of the board as and when I add things to it.

The best postcard will win a special prize. Quite what determines best is entirely in your hands, so go crazy.

My all-important address is on this page somewhere, but here it is one more time:

Mark Higgins
301-B Governors Hall
640 Hilltop Circle
Eau Claire, WI

I can't wait to get what's coming to me. As long as it's postcards.