Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mark Does Minneapolis

And I choose to recount my time there in the form of pictures!

I'll slam the rest under links as not to clog up your page with pictures.

Skyscraper #1


Nature & Commerce

Spoon & Cherry

Skyscraper #2



Next stop - Boston in mid November. Then Chicago for Thanksgiving. And I arrive home on the 24th of December.

When I put it like that, I don't really have that much longer here. I'm going to make sure I enjoy it, I'll tell you that. School is going okay - some subjects I'm acing, others I'm not as well. It's taken me a while to get used to the system here - for my first year of university in England, I had to write essays. Lots of them. And I got good at it. Here, there's more of an emphasis on testing, which I haven't done since I was sixteen, and then barely. I can make up anything next semester back in England though, which is reassuring.

All in all, I am enjoying my time here.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Long Overdue Photo Post

Flying over Iceland. This was the second leg of my London-Reykjavik, Reykjavik-Minneapolis flight. The sky just looked beautiful.

The Chippewa River. I walk past this thing every day now, and it's beautiful. It's got a lot fuller now it's Autumn. Here's a view downstream.

Downtown Eau Claire. Just your typical Midwestern town.

Did I mention I went up in a plane over the town? I stayed with some Host Friends a few days before starting school, Mark and Liz. Mark works is a doctor at the local hospital, and his partner Perry owns a light aircraft. So we went up for a spin! Here's a view of the river again. I even got to fly the plane for a little bit! That was awesome. Don't worry, I didn't touch any of the TEN THOUSAND SCARY CONTROLS. Here's Mark and Liz, though that's probably not the best picture of them. Mark, as well as sharing my name, likes to take a lot of pictures too. These are my favourite of the many photos he took: The river, crop circles, and downtown EC.

L-R: Perry, Mark and me.

(This is me indulging my arty side.)

My dorm room! Yeah, I know how to make a bed.

The apparent cleanliness of my desk belies the terror that resides behind!

Oh, you want some photos of me? Alright. Here I am playing with all my new toys, and riding in the back of a pickup truck. Truly, I am living the American Dream.

This really was overdue. Rest assured, I'm going to take a lot more.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Well, It's Certainly Been A While.

Yup. I've let this thing slide, I know.

School has been crazy busy. I've had reports, assignments and papers being written left right and centre. But the work's interesting, so that's good. The campus here is pretty huge, and pretty pretty. So to speak. I still haven't investigated everything it has to offer. Socially, I've been hanging out with some good friends I've made, which has been good. I'm planning on doing updates more often, now I'm into the general swing of things here. So fret not! I will be updating.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a go at using the bus system here, what with it being free and all. Maybe see some more of the town. The weather has been really weird - torrential rain one minute - humidty the next. And I'm assured it's going to get cold. Really cold. Stupidly cold. So, I'm cursing the weather with one hand and also enjoying it while it lasts with the other, if that makes any sense.

And I will post some photos on here. When I get a chance, and I figure out how to deal with them in Windows 2000.

But yes, I'm alive! And all is well. More coming soon, I assure you.